From 2019 to Today

Strategic Solution Partners (SSP) has teamed up with SearchWide Global (SWG), and SalesBoost to survey a steadily changing hospitality landscape as it pertains to talent and the Gig Economy. The original Gig Economy study, conducted in 2019, found executives had begun using external resources to close the leadership and management talent gap.

In 2021, the Gig Study: Rethinking the Recovery focused on what post-COVID talent management looked like and how to reduce the talent gap. The 2022 Gig Study: Moving Beyond the Staffing Crisis focused on hiring trends, the mindset of students and young professionals, contractor perceptions and needs, and the point of view of employers and workers.

The overall feedback has continued to be overwhelmingly positive; as such, we continue to make it our mission to provide the most accurate report available regularly.

A Workforce in Crisis:

Fewer people are entering hospitality; more are retiring earlier. The labor shortage is felt on all levels, most severely on property.
Workers want quality of life and flexibility.

The 2023/2024 Talent Trends Study (formerly known as the Gig Study) focused on:

  • Where are the workers?
  • Trends and education
  • Reputational challenges
  • Finding domestic and foreign talent
  • Fewer options for attracting foreign talent
  • Creative solutions

This study includes complex data from hotel executives, industry leaders, and educators who give creative solutions to help recruit and retain the best talent.

Find out more by downloading the 2023/2024 Talent Trends Study.