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Optimizing performance


At Strategic Solution Partners, we adopt a holistic view of “hotel operations.” We understand that to ensure that a hotel is running to the best of its ability, you need to focus on many different aspects of your hotel.

That’s why we make sure that we offer superior advisory services by experts who can examine and evaluate the operations of specific hotel departments, such as marketing operations or even beverage operations, as well as of your hotel as a whole. This thorough approach can help other departments of your hotel perform optimally, bringing you the desired results, more hotel guests, a competitive advantage, and, ultimately, revenue generation for financial success.

This review of a hotel as a whole can be challenging to conduct from an in-house perspective, which is why Asset Managers, Owners, and Ownership Groups often hire hotel operations consulting services for the task. Hotel Operations Consulting comes in many shapes and sizes, but the best results are usually achieved when a hotel consulting agency hired for the task can provide a roster of experienced professionals with solid expertise and hospitality industry experience who can identify and solve problems quickly and efficiently.


SSP definitely belongs to that group, as we only work with hotel industry experts who have decades of experience developing operational strategies, as well as with hotel renovation and market repositioning.

The advisory services provided by the SSP experts are also based on their experience with different types of properties, from independent hotels and resorts to branded properties. They are also used for organizational communications with senior management and Management Companies and can support all levels of hotel Leadership.

Assessments and Analysis

An essential step towards operational excellence is the initial feasibility analysis and property maintenance assessments. During this stage, our experts examine the key factors relevant to completing Leadership’s goals and objectives or the property’s viability for a particular project. Property maintenance assessments are particularly important, as they can reveal pre-existing structural or organizational issues that could, if undetected, have a negative effect on the property’s structural integrity, specific project viability, customer satisfaction, and overall performance.

Our experts can count on international experience in this arena unrivaled in scope. They can then implement hotel operations management strategies to re-engineer your operation for optimal performance shortly after the initial review, including a careful analysis of the departmental processes, standard operating procedures, and customer experience data. Such a complete review then gives our consulting experts an excellent basis for creating new strategies and management tools that will take your hotel to the next level of performance.

Architecture and Design

In addition to experts in engineering, property maintenance staff operations, and operations as such, our team also includes an expert in Architecture and Design. This is because changing the design of a hotel or restaurant can make all the difference to its viability in a particular market segment, market positioning, desirability, and compliance with health and safety regulations.

Changing the design of a property can be like breathing new life within its walls, making it more attractive for its target audience, and, when the structural and operational aspects have also been taken care of, more profitable and fit for function.

SSP Hotel Operations Consulting for Hotels Housekeeping

Our Areas of Expertise


  • Optimizing Property Performance
  • Quality Assurance And Standards Compliance
  • Pre-opening And Transitions
  • Property Improvement Plan
  • CAPEX Planning and Execution
  • Architectural and Interior Design


  • SOP Creation

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • Engineering Department Audit

  • HVAC/Mechanical/Electrical

  • FF&E: Design / Specification / Placement

  • Procurement Advice & Review


  • Employee Engagement
  • Training


  • How are preventative maintenance programs implemented?

    Any preventative maintenance strategy starts with a property maintenance assessment, which is an important step in the hotel operations review. This initial assessment process, also known as a “walkthrough,” can be crucial for your business because it allows the expert consultant to assess the status quo of your hotel or resort, which will then determine and inform any subsequent company-wide maintenance policies.


  • Why do hotels hire consultancy services?

    Hotels often hire hospitality consultancy services to fill a gap in talent or seniority that they may be experiencing in a particular department. This is a cost-effective solution, as hotel consulting tends to be project-based, yet, in the case of SSP consulting, it is delivered by senior industry professionals who can also use their hospitality experience for training purposes, thus providing solutions that benefit the hotel on a long-term basis.

    Hotel consulting also gives hotels access to senior-level expertise, which may not be available on an in-house basis. Having a senior professional amongst them usually benefits the project management teams and has a positive effect on employee motivation, team development, and in turn, client satisfaction.

    Independent hospitality consultants and consulting firms can also help hotel owners drive the profitability of their hotels by proposing better-focused solutions. The hospitality industry is multi-faceted, and hotels typically need assistance with multiple aspects of their operation, which is why consulting services can be divided into sub-categories such as Revenue Management, Operations, Food and Beverage, Spa, Human Resources (HR), Technology, Business Development, and more.


  • What are operations in a hotel?

    Hotel operations include every activity required for maximum efficiency of the day-to-day running of a hotel to provide excellent customer service to exceed guest expectations. Typically, the front desk services and front office staff manage room assignments and check-out processes, while home maintenance departments clean up bathrooms and public buildings.


  • What is the importance of hotel operations?

    The key to success in the hospitality industry is effective hotel operations management. Excellent hotel operations result in better customer service and guest satisfaction, optimum profits, and better investor profits. Operational activities have more significance and responsibilities than sales, marketing, design, technologies, and other revenue management systems.

  • What is hotel operations management?

    A hotel operation manager supervises the entire operational team within the hotel. The operation managers must make sure that the front office, front desk services housekeeping team, food and beverage services, and maintenance departments perform well to provide a pleasant guest experience that meets revenue and occupancy targets.


  • What does an operation manager in hospitality do?

    The role of an operations manager is to be closely linked to the Head and Director of various departments and within each department in the hotel. The ops manager will have daily operational responsibilities in different departments of the hotel, including food & beverage management, reception staff, and housekeeping management.


  • What is operational management in a hotel?

    The hotel operations director supervises the entire hotel operations management system. The Operations Supervisor must ensure that the front desk, office, housekeeping department, food, drink, and maintenance departments perform their functions sufficiently to deliver an excellent guest experience and meet business goals.


  • What does an operations manager do in a hotel?

    Hotel operations managers control the entire operation of hotels. The operational manager must ensure that front office and housekeeping functions are performed in a manner that ensures quality service for both hotel staff and new guests and meets revenue and occupancy targets.


  • What are hospitality management operations?

    Hospitality management involves implementing resources, supplies, equipment, and technology. A hotel general manager is typically responsible for developing and providing guest services to increase guest satisfaction and improve the overall guest experience.


  • What are the roles of an operations manager?

    Operations department managers manage operations at all levels of an organization. They train employees, manage staff schedules, and implement quality control programs. The hotel operations director also plans process improvements to ensure the completeness of all work.


  • What are the types of hospitality operations?

    The hospitality sector is broadly classified into many different categories: food and beverages, accommodations, recreation, travel, tourism, and meetings and events.


  • Who are hospitality operators?

    While hotel owners own business operations, hotel managers or operators manage business operations. Owners may take charge of the hotel successfully or have third-party hotel management companies as the hotel's management or operational managers.


  • What are the main responsibilities of an operations manager in a restaurant?

    Restaurant Managers are often responsible for recruiting employees, running operations, and dealing with customer complaints. They also prepare yearly reports to provide the restaurant management company with all relevant data in a comprehensive report to engage effective problem-solving skills. The duties of the restaurant manager also involve ensuring safety and hygiene standards and the proper inventory management.


  • What is the role of operations management in the hospitality industry?

    Hotel operations management is an effective utilization of resources, such as hotel technology, for customer service delivery to achieve business objectives. Developing efficiency of business operations requires the hotel company to devise strategies, for example, marketing strategies, to design effective service environments for their purposes.



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