Operations Consulting

Optimizing performance

At Strategic Solution Partners we adopt a holistic view of the term “operations.” We understand that to ensure that a hotel is running to the best of its ability, you need to focus on many very different aspects of your hotel; that’s why we make sure that we offer superior advisory services by experts who can examine and evaluate the operations of specific departments, as well as of your hotel as a whole. This thorough approach can help your hotel perform optimally, bringing you the desired results, more guests, a competitive advantage, and, ultimately, financial success.

This review of a hotel as a whole can be challenging to conduct from an in-house perspective, which is why Asset Managers, Owners, and Ownership Groups often hire hotel operations consulting services for the task. Hotel Operations Consulting comes in many shapes and sizes, but the best results are usually achieved when a hotel consulting agency hired for the task can provide a roster of experienced professionals with solid expertise and hospitality industry experience, who can identify and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

SSP definitely belongs to that group, as we only work with industry experts who have decades of experience with the development of operational strategies, as well as with hotel renovation and market repositioning. The advisory services provided by the SSP experts are also based on their experience with different types of properties, from independent hotels and resorts to branded properties. They are also used for organizational communications with senior management as well as Management Companies and can support all levels of hotel Leadership.

An important step towards operational excellence is the initial feasibility analysis and property maintenance assessments. During this stage, our experts examine the key factors relevant to the completion of Leadership’s goals and objectives, or the property’s viability for a particular project. Property maintenance assessments are particularly important, as they can reveal pre-existing structural or organizational issues that could, if undetected, have a negative effect on the property’s structural integrity, specific project viability, and overall performance.

Our experts can count international experience in this arena unrivaled in scope and can re-engineer your operation for optimal performance shortly after the initial review, which can also include a careful analysis of the departmental processes, procedures, and customer experience data. Such a complete review then gives our consulting experts a great basis for the creation of new strategies and management tools that will take your hotel to the next level of performance.

In addition to experts on engineering, property maintenance, and operations as such, our team also includes an expert on Architecture and Design. This is because changing a design of a hotel or restaurant can make all the difference to its viability in a particular market segment, market positioning, its desirability, and its compliance with health and safety regulations. Changing the design of a property can be like breathing new life within its walls, making it more attractive for its target audience, and, when the structural and operational aspects have also been taken care of, more profitable and fit for function.

Our Areas of Expertise


  • Optimizing Property Performance
  • Quality Assurance And Standards Compliance
  • Pre-opening And Transitions
  • Property Improvement Plan
  • CAPEX Planning and Execution
  • Architectural and Interior Design


  • Organizational Assessment
  • SOP Creation
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Engineering Department Audit
  • HVAC/Mechanical/Electrical
  • FF&E: Design / Specification / Placement
  • Procurement Advice & Review


  • Employee Engagement
  • Training

Meet our industry experts


Architecture & Design

Background and Expertise

Glen Coben is the founder of Glen & Company, a New York City-based, award-winning architecture and design firm that provides customized designs. Coben’s extensive portfolio includes hotel repositioning and renovation, new builds, restaurants, residential, retail, corporate offices, and showrooms. His firm has been featured in Hospitality Design, Metropolis, Interior Design as well as Architectural Digest. Coben is a member of the Board of Advisors for the Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship at Hotel School at Cornell University’s College of Business.

Previous Clients

Restaurants: Gabriel Kreuther, Major Food Group, Empellon, Craveable Hospitality Group, Northwestern University, Easton Porter Group, and Live Nation Entertainment.
Hotels: Lodgeworks (Archer Hotel), IHG (voco), Marriott International, Hyatt Hotels, and Lam Group
Food Halls: Cherokee Nation Entertainment, Columbia University, and Jones Lang LaSalle.

Featured Project

Client: Cherokee Hotel & Casino Siloam Springs

Project Scope: As a response to the safety concerns brought along by the pandemic, the client needed to rethink how to best utilize the 10,000 ft2 of space that had previously been used as a buffet restaurant. In collaboration with engineers and a kitchen designer, my team designed a food hall that would meet all the new health and safety standards in regard to serving food and social distancing, while also creating a new F&B offering that would improve the guest experience at the resort.

Strategies implemented: Drawing on my previous experience of designing a food hall at Columbia University, we implemented the necessary social distancing and food handling measures to avoid any Covid-related issues. Food halls are typically large spaces with multiple kiosks, so we used the existing kitchen facilities to create a space where the staff could be “shared” among multiple kiosks with an increase in efficiency and a reduction in cost.

To increase safety and efficiency even further, we conducted a saturation study which determined the circulation flow and saturation occupancy and guided us on how to take the guest through the dining experience without compromising their safety – thanks also to specialized technology we were able to use to make the customer journey as safe as possible,

We also enlisted the help of a Cherokee Historian/Curator, in order to learn more about the local culture and be able to incorporate elements of it in the design. As a result of this, we were able to reflect the local tradition of basket weaving in the lighting we used, we collected displays of traditional jewelry and artifacts from around the hotel giving them center stage, and we incorporated other details in order to showcase the local cultural pride.

Results: The food hall is still under construction, scheduled to open in Q2, but this project has already provided the client with an innovative F&B model, allowing them to provide a safe environment and multiple dining options for their guests, which will increase guest satisfaction, improve the value proposition and in turn impact the overall revenue generation and cost control.



Background and Expertise

Marc Fleischer, owner of DLB Project Coordination & Management, LLC is a 20+ year hotel industry veteran. Marc started his hotel career as a parking lot attendant and rapidly advanced to General Manager of a select-service hotel in just 7 years. Since that time, he was the General Manager of various select and full-service hotels and brands within Hilton. Most recently, Marc has ensured the successful completion of 21 hotel renovations with a combined value of $54 million dollars.

Marc’s expertise includes conducting hotel Property Maintenance Assessments across the country, to ensure they are operating to the best of their abilities.



Background and Expertise

Mark Sherwin is an experienced hospitality expert based on 30+ years of on-property, regional and corporate leadership roles for all segments of lodging – from select service to extended stay to destination resorts and luxury hotels.

Specific experience and knowledge in hotel operations, repositioning, asset management, optimizing financial performance, driving topline strategies, and corporate reorganizations, growth, and alignment.

Mark has experience leading a team in launching 3 new brands (Sonesta ES Suites; Sonesta Select; Sonesta Simply Suites) and transitioning and converting over 200 branded hotels during COVID19.

As the EVP of Operations, he led the growth of hotel management company from 20 hotels and $150 mil in revenue to over 260 hotels and over $1bil in revenue over 7-year timeframe. Mark was a Certified Speaker for Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center specializing in guest experience, and delivering superior customer service presentations to dozens of groups. Mark was part of the leadership team that transitioned Marriott sales and marketing from single brand/single hotel to a multi brand/multi hotel model that was captured as a Harvard Business School Case Study.


  • How are preventative maintenance programs implemented?

    Any preventative maintenance strategy starts with a property maintenance assessment, which is an important step in the hotel operations review. This initial assessment process, also known as a “walkthrough” can be crucial for your business because it allows the expert consultant to assess the status quo of your hotel or resort, which will then determine and inform any subsequent company-wide maintenance policies.

  • Why do hotels hire consultancy services?

    Hotels often hire hospitality consultancy services to fill a gap in talent or seniority that they may be experiencing in a particular department. This is a cost-effective solution, as hotel consulting tends to be project-based, yet, in the case of SSP consulting, delivered by senior industry professionals who can also use their hospitality experience for training purposes, thus providing solutions that benefit the hotel on a long-term basis.

    Hotel consulting also gives hotels access to senior-level expertise which may not be available on an in-house basis. Having a senior professional amongst them usually benefits the project management teams and has a positive effect on employee motivation, team development, and in turn, client satisfaction.

    Independent hospitality consultants and consulting firms can also help hotel owners drive the profitability of their hotels by proposing better-focused solutions. The hospitality industry is multi-faceted and hotels typically need assistance with multiple aspects of their operation, which is why consulting services can be divided into sub-categories such as Revenue Management, Operations, Food and Beverage, Spa, HR, Technology, Business Development and more.



Revenue Management



Human resources

Food and Beverage