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Volunteer work

Many say that time is the ultimate luxury, but for us, Giving Time is also the ultimate way to give back to society.

Giving Time was launched in the fall of 2018 to offer our contractors the chance to travel, make a difference in someone’s life, and achieve the work-life balance that is so important to them.  We partnered with Give A Day Global, a San Francisco-based non-profit that connects travelers with single-day volunteer missions, to provide our hotel industry consultants the opportunity to embark on a volunteer mission as part of their compensation package. 

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The opportunity includes a three-day trip to volunteer anywhere in Latin America that Give A Day Global has a partnering charitable organization, a donation to the charitable organizations that are selected, and a video montage of each experience created by UrLife Media, that the contractors can share on their social platforms to help spread the word about the importance of giving back. Each year, we will select a number of consultants take part in the program.

If you are an SSP contractor interested in applying to be part of the program, please email Jacqueline Villamil.

Volunteer missions

Septemeber 2019

Latin America Sea Turtle Association

Layla Hahka – SSP Contractor

“I felt a new connection to the environment and gained new insight about various environmental factors surrounding the issues regarding sea turtles. The experience made me want to find local volunteer opportunities and find a way to commit more time to volunteering with sea turtles and other marine life. I also fulfilled my life dream of hanging out with a sea turtle and actually being able to touch it!”


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JULY 2019

From Houses to Homes

Richard Philippides – SSP Contractor

“For me, to cross borders, lend a hand and give time to a family I never met, is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience. The impact I helped making may seem basic for us in terms of building a little house with bricks, but to the family who benefitted it was a castle, a shelter and home they never dreamed of having otherwise. I know that what I helped achieving this week is changing a family’s life forever. And that is most rewarding to me.”


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JULY 2019

From Houses to Homes

Jenna Bennet – SSP Contractor

“I was humbled to be a small part of the family’s history. That for the few days I spent in helping build their dependable and safe home, my brief time has made a lasting and positive impact, not just in the near future, but for many years to come. Everyone from the small children of the family, to the adults, were so appreciative of our time and dedication. It was important for them to know others care about them, no matter how little, or how much time, we spent on their property, to help build them a sturdy and safe future. The power of strangers helping strangers is like a never-ending gift that keeps on giving”


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APRIL 2019


Bob Holland – SSP Associate Partner, Operations

“Unlike the US, these children – like many in developing countries – have no safety net. There are no government programs to assure they get the basic necessities to survive. With Sister Senkenesh’s vision and network of services she’s established, and MORE’s financial support, we can provide hope for a future for the children of the Medhen Social Club. MORE’s unique business model of “no-fixed expenses or paid administrative salaries” assures virtually every penny donated goes directly to benefit the children. How many charities can say that?!”


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Huellas de Pan

Jacqueline Villamil

To kick off the program, Jacqueline Villamil, SSP’s COO, volunteered her time at Huellas de Pan(‘Bread’s Footprints in Spanish), a non-profit organization in Cancun, Mexico, that feeds 80 impoverished children and 35 senior citizens, as well as their dependents. Jacqueline immersed herself in the daily activities by helping feed the children at the soup kitchen, collecting food donations, and even participating in the weekend cultural activities.


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