From 2019 to Today

Strategic Solution Partners (SSP) has teamed up with SearchWide Global (SWG), and SalesBoost to survey a steadily changing hospitality landscape as it pertains to talent and the Gig Economy. The original Gig Econony study, conducted in 2019, found executives had begun using external resources to close the leadership and management talent gap.

The findings were so profound, we decided to continue our research and do it again.

The Talent Crisis

Now, in 2021, after 15 months of the pandemic, the gap in talent acquisition and retention has widened. The talent crisis has been exacerbated with the max exodus of great talent to other industries.

Our 2021 study includes hard data from hotel executives that saw it coming. Adaptability and thinking outside the box in terms of staffing is how they are going to recover both talent and revenue.

What to Expect from our Survey Results

This study includes statistics and strategies around:

  • When executives expect to return to pre-Covid staffing levels
  • The impact of talent loss at property, regional and corporate teams
  • The evolving hospitality staffing model
  • Key characteristics of future talent and what to look for

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