It starts with strategy and ends with execution


Considering that the sales department is responsible for developing and maximizing a hotel’s revenues by making profitable use of its facilities, it is important that your sales teams are able to identify sales opportunities and create sales strategies that can yield the best results and ensure the long-term success and profitability of your hotel.

In the sales department in particular, long-lasting results to increase sales can be achieved much faster by consulting a sales manager, a senior sales manager, or an industry expert sales manager, who knows how to maximize, advertise and sell the potential of your asset.

Many hotels already have talent in place who are doing solid tactical work, yet lack the higher-level view necessary to strategically identify and capitalize on the main drivers of sales. The idea behind SSPs’ hotel sales consulting and marketing consulting in these cases is therefore to provide the existing resources with guidance and recommendations, empowering them through strategic direction and giving them tools that will redirect their own sales and marketing efforts and make them more effective.

Hospitality sales experience

The hospitality sales experts on the SSP team have the right background, level of expertise, and experience to do just that at practically any type of hotel in the hospitality industry, from independent hotels to branded and from Select Service to Full Service five-diamond properties.

Thanks to the initial exploratory review and research, our experts have the ability to identify the main short and long-term revenue drivers for hospitality, as well as the ideal strategy, marketing plan, and organizational structure for the company during the implementation stage. The main strength of our consulting team is that they can identify and implement the right revenue-generating strategies quickly and effectively, which is key especially in the challenging times that the hospitality industry is currently experiencing.

In some cases, our experts were able to help their clients achieve a 28-point increase in market share for RevPar in just 90 days thanks to concentrating their sales targets on the right aspects of their business straight from the start and inspiring the new sales team as well as the owners through instant results.

Although such instant success is not always possible, this example demonstrates that with access to the right data from your organization, our experts can make revenue-generation recommendations quickly and use them to the advantage of your company or business, in order to achieve its long-term growth.

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Our Areas of Expertise


  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Business Positioning
  • Distressed Asset Intervention
  • Sales Conversion During Property Transition Or Flag Change


  • Organizational Assessment
  • Deployment
  • Brand Resources Optimization
  • Integration Across Multi-departments
  • Analysis & Optimization Of Sales Bonus/Compensation Structure
  • Optimization Of Marketing And Public Relations


  • Sales Training
  • Job and Talent Acquisition
  • Sales Team Effectiveness And Evaluation


  • How can a sales expert help you?

    A senior sales expert can help you boost your sales and improve your sales processes by providing resources, positively influencing the sales culture, and providing your sales team with a roadmap to execute. Sales experts can also offer advice on how to advertise and position your products and services in order to reach your clients, helping you future-proof your position on the market.

    Examples of the areas of expertise on our team include marketing, e-commerce, distressed asset sales support, assistance with digital marketing plans, productivity evaluations, and sales deployment assessments.

  • What does sales consulting look like?

    Sales consulting is a bespoke consultancy service provided by senior sales experts who typically collaborate with a client's in-house team on redirecting and guiding their sales efforts in order to increase hotel sales by identifying and exploiting the appropriate revenue streams. The services provided by our sales experts depend on the needs of the hotels they work with but can include advice on sales strategy, design of sales teams, product marketing, and advertising, or internal training of the in-house sales departments. SSP consulting experts are typically used to working with all levels of owners and property executives and can manage sales teams and relationships efficiently, which allows them to build on, expand and redirect the existing strategies when selling each hotel's services and products.

  • What does a hotel sales consultant do?

    Organizes all sales calls and site visits made to hotel sites for corporate clients. Availability of fast and prompt response to properties, with sales skills, instant communication, and development of long-term professional contacts & relationships with clients. Assist customers by providing the best possible service to them throughout their journey.

  • What do you do as a sales consultant?

    Sales Advisors are professionals who develop and promote marketing and business strategies. The intermediaries serve to provide a link between companies and potential clients and recommend products and services while ensuring customer needs have been fulfilled.

  • What is the role of sales in the hospitality industry?

    Sales marketing is responsible for maximizing revenue in hotels by developing programs to increase guests' occupancy and profit from the accommodation, meeting, and leisure amenities.

  • What does a hotel sales consultant do?

    Organizes all sales calls and on-site visits to hotel sites for corporate clients. Availability of fast and prompt response to properties, instant communication on locations, development of business leads, long-term professional contacts & relationships with clients. Assist customers by providing the best possible service to them throughout their journey.

  • What is a hospitality manager?

    Hotel managers have the responsibility for managing staff and ensuring smooth operation and management of hotel departments. They also train employees, evaluate service providers' quality and ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained at a high level.



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