SSP’s task force solutions gives our clients access to experienced hospitality professionals on an as-needed basis—whether to temporarily fill a key role such as Sales Manager while conducting a broader search, or to staff up during busy seasons. Our vetting process ensures that all task force contractors possess the core skills required to cover a position and are able to quickly assimilate.

Our business model is built to work as closely as possible within the budget you have allocated for the position.

We adhere to a proprietary and tested 5-step process that includes multiple interviews and assessment testing, as well as reference and background checks.

Every member of the SSP team has at one point been in your position, and has experienced the same concerns, standards and expectations. Our rigorous recruiting process for task force consultants allows us select contractors who share our values, drive and commitment to quality work. In addition to communicating frequently with you during the taskforce assignment, we also maintain close relationships with all of our taskforce contractors to ensure expectations are exceeded.

From beginning to end, we partner with our clients to delineate expectations. Those definitions are communicated both verbally and in writing to the contractor assigned to the job. We communicate regularly with clients and contractors and ensure that expectations are being met and exceeded.

Strong communication is a guiding principal for all the partners of SSP—it’s one of the many ways we set ourselves apart. While we do not manage the contractors on a daily basis, we stay in frequent, regular communication during all phases of the assignment.

SSP contractors include skilled professionals for all leadership and management positions in sales, catering, convention services and revenue management. In addition, we can assist in securing excellent task force contractors in operations disciplines from General Manager to Engineering Manager.

SSP task force contractors have a wonderful track record of diving into not only the discipline, but also the culture of each company that they have been assigned to. Through our own vast professional networks, we already have great insight into unique cultures of many of the companies that we work with. This allows us to choose candidates who we feel will have an excellent “fit” in addition to the needed skill set. We also provide weekly reviews and coaching with our contractors to address any questions, concerns and promote a free exchange of ideas.

Yes. With years of experience creating new business opportunities and years of phone solicitation under their belts, our sales professionals understand how to optimize their efforts to achieve maximum results.

Yes. Many of our contractors have the experience—and the necessary discipline—to work remotely. With our strong communication lines, we are always in contact with task force support, regardless of location.

Yes, we proudly have several success stories of exactly this situation. We can discuss a “temp-to-perm model” which allows for this possibility.

We understand that your team is indeed your greatest asset. We are poised to provide additional support should your task force needs outgrow your internal staff.

We feel that one of our greatest assets is that partners of SSP have at some point in their previous careers held positions similar to those you hold now. That first-person perspective gives us the insights to engage with you and your team, share some best practices, expand your resources and leverage our internal team in providing creative solutions to your challenges. Our long-term, loyal clients also let us know that we have a strong presence in our industry.

Our goal is not to be the least expensive (nor the most expensive) but to be the best possible solution for each client we are fortunate enough to work with need. SSP is about service, communication, value, partnership and above all, results.

Long-term, sustainable results are the goal of SSP, not simply short-term “fixes.” To ensure continuity, we work with the consultant to develop a “roadmap” of progress so a newly hired full-time professional can be productive from day one while gaining momentum. This outline of work will let the new staff know a variety of critical information, including what was discussed, how things were prioritized, what was completed, and what remains to be accomplished.