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Pros in the Food and Beverage Industry

Your hotel’s food and beverage offering not only drives additional revenue but also plays a vital role in raising your positioning as a provider of positive customer experiences and high-quality service.

Successful restaurants, hotel or otherwise, are not only based on quality, delicious food but also on the level of customer experience they provide. Making dinner or an afternoon cocktail a memorable dining experience can therefore have a significant effect on guest satisfaction, the overall guest experience, and customer retention and will ultimately serve to drive brand recognition and subsequent sales.

We know that the food & beverage industry is ever-changing, so we work with restaurant consulting experts who have a wealth of experience and who also have their finger on the pulse of the latest food and beverage trends and can adjust their menu offerings and, concept design, and overall strategy accordingly.

Several of our food and beverage consulting firms’ professionals are published authors, celebrated as mavericks in the food and the food beverage consulting industry, and can therefore produce unparalleled, innovative food & beverage programs, taking advantage of the local ingredients as well as the geographical elements of interest in your area, which can be used to inspire your future restaurant or bar design.


A successful food and beverage program is not just about the service, food, and drinks on offer but also about the dining room and kitchen management, correct pricing, sales, and marketing strategies, careful cost analysis of revenue streams, and continuous cost management.

Our food & beverage sales experts, therefore, also use their expertise to advise you on effective management strategies that ensure customer retention, revenue growth, and profitability, turning your food and beverage program into a true revenue-generating asset rather than just an amenity to your guests.

To see clients achieve this goal, restaurant experts, as well as beverage consultants and top beverage consulting firms on our team, often start the beverage consulting services process with a SWOT analysis of your existing services. This will ensure that any new concepts and strategies will be truly bespoke and based on the realistic status quo and specific needs of your company.

After this initial stage, the various beverage services and restaurant consulting services become much more hands-on. Each beverage or restaurant marketing advisor will start the implementation process, carried out collaboratively with your restaurant operators’ in-house staff so that they can maintain the standard of restaurant management and beverage consulting services once the initial project is completed.

REAL-WORLD food and beverage consulting experience

Focusing on the F&B operations (restaurants, room service, banquets, catering services, meeting spaces, and bars), market, industry & consumer trends, and revenue and profitability — allows us to maximize the potential of your asset. This holistic approach also makes it possible to upscale your hotel and food and beverage business offering to respond to the ever-growing demands of today’s consumers and clients.

Our expert restaurant and other beverage service consultants have assisted many new and existing restaurant businesses in upscaling their operations based on consumer needs and new markets, as well as challenges such as market fluctuations, so we are confident they can replicate the process at your establishment to your satisfaction.

Our Areas of Expertise


  • Overall Food & Beverage Operations Assessment
  • Food and Beverage Concept Development
  • Bar Concept Development
  • New Hotel Openings And Transitions
  • Menu Analysis & Development
  • Recipe Creation And Standardization
  • Mixology Program Development


  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Sustainability
  • Analysis of Costs and Hiring Strategies
  • Technology Solutions
  • Facility and Meeting Space Design


  • Service Training
  • Culinary Training
  • Bar Service Training


  • What can a food and beverage expert help you with?

    The role of our food and beverage experts (senior-level food and beverage consultants) is, among other things, to create impactful restaurant and bar concepts that will appeal to your target customers and have a tangible, measurable effect on your bottom line.

    The creativity that characterizes food and beverage experts goes hand-in-hand with their focus on market research and financial analysis, informing their menu & concept design and creation process. Considering that we only work with top-tier professionals with decades of experience in the hospitality industry, they can assist you with any aspect of your food and beverage program, including advice on which designer consultants to use and which suppliers to partner with.

    We are one of a few top consulting firms that look at food and beverage holistically, so we only partner with professionals who can deliver on the promise of providing data-based, results-oriented solutions to help you reach your business goals.


  • What do F&B consultants do?

    A food and beverage consultant provides expert advice in food & beverage, advising businesses to develop and improve food service operations and practices in the food and beverage industry. This includes pricing strategies, supply chain issues, and extensive knowledge of industry trends. Generally speaking, food consultants will partner with restaurants, hotels, producers, and schools in all food service industry fields.


  • What does a food consultant do?

    Food consultants are food quality and safety experts who assist companies and experts in the food services industry and business with the growth and expansion of food services. Consultants have real-world experience in the food and beverage industry, and many have worked for top consulting firms or beverage consulting hotel firms.


  • What does a food and beverage consultant do?

    A food and beverage consultant provides expertise and industry knowledge in design and development, marketing and research, brand positioning, operational performance financial modeling, recipe development and cost estimation, menu design, job description writing, or complete revisions of processes to bring an entire project from conception to completion according to best practices for growth.


  • What do restaurant consultants do?

    A Restaurant consultant is an experienced business advisor who helps clients run their restaurants efficiently. They can operate separately or within an organization. They might be hired if you or your clients are seeking advice on how to address business problems to accelerate growth.


  • What does F&B mean in hotels?

    Food & beverage managers are responsible for preparing food and drink for guests at hotels or restaurants.

    Food and beverage managers must operate the hotel food, restaurants, and bars. The hotel food and drink manager's role involves preparing menus and recruiting cooks.

    Food beverage consulting benefits many businesses and companies in the hospitality industry as they have extensive experience in the hotel restaurant supply chain as opposed to the supply chain of quick service restaurants.


  • What does a beverage consultant do?

    The responsibility of beverage consultants varies based on the job but can usually include generating, managing, and maintaining a bar process and managing the daily inventory.

    This includes designing drinks for new revenue streams and meeting spaces. Site selection, types of clients, and location are important factors in choosing a well-designed menu and list of offerings.



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