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Strategic Solution Partners is a single-source Hospitality Solutions Provider and top hospitality consulting firms for independent hotels, hotel brands, and other hospitality management companies focused on delivering expert advisory services in all aspects of hotel operation and management. In order to deliver only the highest level of expertise to our clients, our consulting team is composed of top-tier hospitality industry professionals, with decades of hands-on experience in assisting boutique and upscale hotels, restaurants, ownership groups of luxury hotels, and other hospitality and tourism-related companies with the execution of their goals and strategies.

We understand that the operation of a successful hotel or hospitality-related company requires careful oversight of all its departments; that’s why our consulting team does not only contain experts on effective revenue generation, asset, or risk management consulting, but also professionals from hospitality consultancy and related industries such as hotel design.

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Schedule a free consultation with our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Maria Brooks, who will help you identify:


  • The areas of opportunity.
  • A clear vision of the solutions required.
  • The best Industry Expert (s) for you.
  • Any supplementary task force solutions you might need.
Schedule a meeting with John


Schedule a free consultation with our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Maria Brooks, who will help you identify:

  • The areas of opportunity.
  • A clear vision of the solutions required.
  • The best Industry Expert (s) for you.
  • Any supplementary task force solutions you might need.
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Collaboration and networking are key to increasing performance and ensuring your business and employees thrive through any challenge. By playing to our strengths and working together, our hospitality consulting firm and concept development team are able to offer you resources and strategies that will continually reinforce and elevate your business goals so you can remain confident in evolving your operation for continued success.


Ours is truly a global network of hospitality industry professionals, as almost all of them are able to draw on ample hospitality experience gained in different parts of and around the world, which allows them to propose innovative, cost-effective business solutions that go beyond what is traditionally known around the world as hotel consulting.

SSP experts will provide hands-on training program guidance and suggest solutions in a particular order, based on your business growth, needs, and priorities, helping you manage and oversee company operations to the successful completion of your chosen project.

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On top of our innovative strategies, we pride ourselves on consistent execution: we believe that the focus on results but also on guest experience and customer experience is essential in turning hospitality operations into success. Our custom solutions are also results-oriented and we make sure we maintain consistent, regular contact with your company’s staff providing the necessary training management consulting, rather than just consulting, based on carefully crafted action plans that will improve your hotel sales and position on the market.

Our industry experts fall into a very particular group of hospitality management consultants; they are senior-level, hands-on hotel development executives and management consultants, used to assist hotel owners, asset managers, VPs, and senior management, and understand the needs of each executive thoroughly through their global hospitality expertise.


Anyone who has ever held ownership over an asset in the hospitality sector or the hotel management industry understands that in the current climate of labor shortage, it is often difficult to find an in-house executive with the right talent and the level of expertise key to increasing efficiency, performance, and profitability of a hospitality business.

SSP serves clients with a solution to this global challenge by working with industry leaders who are much more than consultants and consulting firms: through collaboration financial consulting and networking with experts from related fields, they are able to deliver results and help you reach your business goals thanks to bringing fresh perspectives and tailoring them to your needs.

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What is a Single-Source Hospitality Solutions Provider?


  • What is hospitality consulting?

    Hospitality consulting grants companies operating in the hospitality industry access to advice and support from advisors generally known as consultants, who are hired to assist with a particular issue, or exploit an opportunity that falls within their area of expertise. Individual consultants typically specialize in one hospitality subfield, such as hotel management, asset management, risk, and revenue management, commercial strategy, and more. It is common for multiple hospitality consultants to be working with a hospitality consulting firm, which is then capable of offering a client access to consultants belonging to different subfields all under one roof. Hospitality consulting is available to independent and branded hotels alike and can be beneficial to boutique hotels, urban hotels, resorts, and more. There are different levels of hospitality consulting based on the level of expertise and experience of the consultants: SSP works exclusively with consultants with decades of experience and impressive accomplishments— who we refer to as industry experts — which means we can offer nothing but excellence for all project-based consulting assignments.

  • Why do hotels hire hospitality consulting firms?

    There are many reasons why a hotel company may choose to go with a hospitality consulting firm: lack of in-house expertise, the specific nature of a newly arisen problem, or the need for a fresh perspective that would elevate their hotel business and make it more competitive. Using an outside resource also allows a client to quickly address their immediate needs, with limited exposure to ongoing internal costs and increased agility in their responsiveness to the changing market dynamics and focus on total revenue management.

  • What is the difference between project-based industry experts as proposed by SSP and hospitality consultants?

    One of the main advantages of hiring independent hospitality consultants who belong to the industry-expert category is their knowledge of these changing market dynamics based on decades of experience and their subsequent capacity to not only identify the correct strategies for each company but execute them with long-term, measurable results in and beyond the initially problematic or inefficiently functioning area.

    Whether you are looking for assistance with food & beverage, revenue and asset management, financial models, marketing analysis, financial expertise, or overall business guidance, you can rely on our experts not only have senior-level experience in their field but also superior project management skills and can run day-to-day operations, thanks to which you can be sure your project will run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Why should I hire a hospitality consulting professional?

    The term hospitality consultant can be understood in many different ways. All consulting services offered by SSP are carried out exclusively by a particular type of hospitality consultant — industry experts with extensive experience in the hospitality industry who provide senior-level consulting services. Our consulting team is composed exclusively of professionals who have worked with leading hospitality businesses and management companies throughout their careers and can therefore maintain our standard of high-quality hospitality services. The experts we work with have a stellar track record as independent hospitality consultants, so we feel confident in recommending their services to our clients. Most of our hospitality consultants and restaurant consultants also work hand in hand with other professionals or company owners with a proven track record in related disciplines and are able to call on their services if needed. By hiring our professionals, you, therefore, don't only gain access to their expertise, but also to the wealth of business partners who they can contact if needed.

  • Why do hotels hire consultancy services?

    Hotels often hire hospitality consultancy services to fill a gap in talent or seniority that they may be experiencing in a particular department. This is a cost-effective solution, as hotel consulting tends to be project-based, yet, in the case of SSP consulting, delivered by senior industry professionals who can also use their hospitality experience for training purposes, thus providing solutions that benefit the hotel on a long-term basis. Hotel consulting also gives hotels access to senior-level expertise which may not be available on an in-house basis. Having a senior professional amongst them usually benefits the project management teams and has a positive effect on employee motivation, team development, and in turn, client satisfaction.

    Independent hospitality consultants and consulting firms can also help hotel owners drive the profitability of their hotels by proposing better-focused solutions. The hospitality industry is multi-faceted and hotels typically need assistance with multiple aspects of their operation, which is why consulting services can be divided into sub-categories such as Revenue Management, Operations, Food and Beverage, Sales, HR, Technology, Business Development, and more.

  • How do you become a hospitality consultant?

    The most important qualifications needed in the hotel consulting sector are specialized knowledge of sales and marketing tactics and years of experience managing hotel operations.

  • What does a hospitality consultant do?

    Hospitality management consultants are highly trained advisors who support hotels in managing changes and optimizing operations.

  • What is a hospitality consulting?

    Hospitality management consultants provide high-level advice on managing change, optimizing the operation, and generally increasing the profitability and overall performance of the properties, hotel groups, or portfolios.

  • What are the 5 main services included in the hospitality industry?

    While the hospitality business includes various different services, it is generally divided into 5 different industries. The sector covers the food and beverage industry, lodging, recreation, travel, tourism, and events.



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