Undoubtedly, in the current hospitality climate, you read and hear much about how “new trends are changing the way business is done in our industry.” Technology, social media, even new architectural styles ARE, in fact, re-shaping the way our industry functions and looks to consumers. And we’ve been thinking a lot about change too. We are pleased to introduce our new brand look: bold yet refined, smart yet simple, worldly yet personal. Yes, our brand reflects who we are. And it also reflects who’ve we’ve always been. Even as we expand our consulting services (be sure to review our new website!), our commitment to helping you achieve your goals goes far beyond “jumping on board” the latest trends: our strength is in our experience, our past, if you will. Our guiding principle of highly personalized communication lS indeed the “new” trend in our industry. Ironic. Simply stated, the newest trend is a return to the values that have driven SSP since our inception. We remain with you as we work to achieve your goals. And as you succeed in business, the consumer will surely benefit.

So, yes, our world is changing. And we’re excited about change. But we are actually more excited about that which will always remain the same: our commitment to your success.