Trying a new, seemingly complicated pose in a yoga practice is often terrifying. Fear of falling on our face in crow pose or perhaps just falling in front of other people oftentimes holds us back from reaching new goals.  An outside view of the pose from a well-informed teacher will oftentimes help us find that nuance that makes all the difference.

As Hospitality Revenue Leaders, it is our responsibility to champion a strategic culture that is innovative and brave. Undertaking new initiatives and sticking your neck out requires bravery.

Re-strategize your Revenue Department’s Meetings

Now that a new perspective to your strategies has been incorporated, it is time to take a truly objective look at how we utilize our time in ongoing strategy meetings.  Re-imagining our core meeting agendas is a true act of bravery.  Finding our industry in a down cycle is a wonderful time to foster innovation and try new initiatives. 

A great place to spark creativity is in Strategy Meetings:

    • Look outside your internal teams, hire a consultant who has no pre-conceived notions of “how” things should be to assist in re-vitalization
    • Scrap your old agenda
    • Change meeting location (perhaps outside the property)
    • Change meeting to a different time of day, maybe first thing in the morning
      • Add 2nd tier management staff and line level employees to the discussion. These employees have a wonderful perspective as they have day to day contact with our guests and know firsthand what the guest’s requests are. This could be Front Desk and Reservation Agents, Housekeepers, Food and Beverage Servers, etc.
    • Assign a rotating “Challenger” whose role is to question EVERYTHING. Just like the perspective a good teacher can invoke, this Challenger, will help us notice the obvious, often overlooked issues.
    • Lose the fear. Be bold and try new ideas!

Bravery always comes back to risk and being brave does not mean that there is lack of nervousness for the unknown.  I always encourage my yoga students to try.  In both yoga and revenue management, the point is that you show up and give your all.

So what if you fall? What if the pose only lasts for a moment before you lose it? Trying and failing helps us see what does not work and helps us fine tune the next try.

These same principles apply in Revenue Optimization strategies and tactics and it means that we trust that bold actions will forage new paths and revenue growth.