Openings and Flag Changes are among the most hectic and challenging times in our industry. But they can also be the most rewarding as a time to refresh and renew values, guiding principles and commitment to success. The partners of SSP have been though the process collectively dozens of times—and while each new endeavor has its own challenges, the process is one that we are keenly familiar with.

During this critical period, we will work with your entire team to develop and implement total configuration of your distribution platform. This includes revenue/rooms setup of the PMS, C-RES, GDS and Channel Management solution.  Collaborating with sales, marketing and operations, we will assist in creating an effective, viable launch strategy that will in turn set the basis for effective revenue management going forward. For independent hotels, this involves the creation and implementation of the essential revenue management tools such as the rooms revenue budget/forecast tool and the pricing strategy calendar. We will establish measurable goals crucial for a successful and optimized opening. We will also develop, maintain, and monitor the critical path process, and evaluate your proposed competitive set(s) for STR, Hotelligence, and Rate Shopping Solution.  We will also assist in evaluating distribution channels and partnerships for pre- and post-opening.