During transitions, operating without a revenue director can cost a hotel significantly more than hiring someone in the short term to yield your hotel.

Strategic Solution Partners can provide a seasoned revenue professional, on site or operating remotely, who understands your systems, your goals and your support requirements.

Our people aren’t there just to fill a seat; we are there to become an immediate part of your team, to stop revenue leakage while you search for a replacement, to align with your philosophies and to suggest performance improvements where possible.

Strategic Reviews

A truly comprehensive look at every aspect of the property that revenue management touches, we work directly with on-property teams to evaluate all facets of the operation including technology, functions, relationships, tactics, structure, strategies and operational integration. A final report detailing our findings and recommendations, along with any supporting documents or reports will be provided to give clients a solid roadmap from which to move forward.

Revenue Management Training and Mentoring

Whether you need someone to give one-on-one attention and guidance, or trainings for groups ranging from line level staff to executive level management, we have the resources to tailor any training or mentorship program to your needs.

System Audits

Our TCRM specialists will do a deep dive into the setup of your brand or independent systems, searching for outdated or incorrect information, along with areas that can be optimized for better strategy and revenue opportunities.

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Total Hotel Revenue Management

As one of our founding missions, we are passionate about bringing better Total Revenue Management practices to the industry. We deliver this to hotels through training courses, action plan design with SMART goals and KPI’s and ongoing support services to ensure that each client has a successful transition to Total Revenue Management practices. Areas covered include F&B, spa, golf, space optimization, and single stream revenue management tactics.

Strategic Oversight

Created for ownership and management companies, we provide services for asset managers, owners or executives who need a single voice of revenue management across a portfolio. We use standard assessment reporting formats and free-form written feedback, participating in hotel meetings to provide direction in strategic and tactical improvements.

Enterprise Technology Project Management

For those looking to migrate to new systems, we offer in-depth project management for CRS, PMS, RMS or CRM migrations from start to finish, including RFP/selection, contract negotiation, implementation and integration. With our knowledge and experience, you can be confident that your project will be professionally managed and executed.

Revenue Management for Hire

There are many scenarios in which a hotel might outsource revenue management. SSP is uniquely positioned to provide a long-term solution for your hotel’s revenue management needs, with professionals who bring experience and expertise, and provide integrated services at the quality level of a dedicated on-site revenue manager.

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Hotel Task Force

In today’s world, hiring a great revenue management professional can be a lengthy process. When an employee gives notice, gets promoted, takes FMLA or any other scenario that takes them out of their position, how do you fill the gap with someone with expertise? Our task force service, whether completed remotely or on-site, allows our clients to take the time they need to find not just the first available person, but the best person for their properties, while we keep things moving forward with our highly qualified strategists taking care of everything they need.

Brand or Management Conversions and New Build Hotels

Working through a conversion can be a harrowing process. We work to guide our clients through smoothly, from providing direction for the workflow required to hands on data entry to keep your time free for your primary functions. Our experience includes system transition, management company transitions and brand to independent conversions.

Hotel Distribution, Digital and Channel Strategy

SSP helps hotels drive direct bookings, but we also help teams identify strategic outside partners. Whether the goal is to drive leisure bookings via OTAs, consortia and travel agencies, or grow group by working with HelmsBriscoe, Conference Direct and Cvent aligned agencies, SSP customizes action plans to your specific business goals. We help hotels navigate the evolving landscape of distribution, and provide direction, insight and strategy, and if hands-on attention is required, SSP has a team that can audit and manage interfaces, direct connects and channel management setup.

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