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Branded or Luxury Independent. Guest experience and profit maximization. Associate engagement to organizational optimization. We have been on all sides of Operations and can bring a new level of assessment, enhancement, and results to propel your performance.

Hotel Flag Change

Openings and Flag Changes are among the most hectic and challenging times in our industry. But they can also be the most rewarding as a time to refresh and renew values, guiding principles and commitment to success. The partners of SSP have been though the process collectively dozens of times—and while each new endeavor has its own challenges, the process is one that we are keenly familiar with.

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Hotel Pre-Opening Critical Path

SSP has extensive experience in opening and converting hotels, navigating the complex pre-opening critical path process, assisting the developer/owner/manager with punch-list tasks and managing the sequence of activities integral to the successful launch of a new hotel.

Due Diligence Assistance

SSP’s seasoned experts assist a prospective property owner by performing a pre-acquisition assessment of potential liabilities and vulnerabilities of a property, as well as the potential upside of ownership from both a financial perspective and an operational feasibility angle.

Strategic Planning

Every pathway to success begins with a plan. From discussing initial goals, to identifying your target customers, to positioning your business and ultimately formalizing a strategy, the SSP team has the firsthand experience needed to see the short- and-long-term growth of your property. While for many, the process of strategic planning may seem like an overwhelming task, it is what the team members of SSP do best.

Property Assessment

Among SSP’s strategic allies are best-in-class consultants, skilled at examining every aspect of your current property operations. During the course of an extensive and deep-reaching examination, our team will review your property in terms of rooms, F&B, engineering and other operating departments