On March 7, 2021, Jacqueline Villamil of SSP (Strategic Solution Partners) sat down with Tia Grahm founder of Arrive at Happy podcast for a lively discussion on how Jacqueline became the leader she is today, and how she creates happiness outside of her work life and within it. 

Highlights from this podcast episode:

Jacqueline’s start as a leader

  • Jacqueline has a history of being a leader of people for organizations
  • There are 5 people that made a difference in her career and life 
  • A female leader taught her she had a voice which inspired her growth
  • She considers herself a natural-born driver, not a natural-born leader
  • The leaders she had early in her career helped form her into the leader she is now
  • To increase her drive and maintain it she does not watch the news, exercises and meditates and stays connected to the relationships in her life
  • Word of advice: Always try to be present, appreciative, and positive

How to practice presence in a busy work life

  • Book time on your calendar to have other interests and interactions as it is important to be intentional with scheduling
  • Emphasizes the importance of making yourself a priority – The beginning of the day is best for this as by the end of the day there might not be enough time or energy

Tips for leading a goal crushing sales team

  • Maintaining a clear goal is extremely important
  • Recognize that every small interaction leads to the big goal
  • Everybody in the team has a part in the goal
  • People can lose morale when there is a loss or no big win
  • Losses are just an opportunity to stay positive and realign

How to make the correct human assessment

  • Having a team of people to help with making these decisions is so important
  • First, it’s important to understand the skill set someone possesses to do a job
  • It is equally important to get to know someone to understand who they are
  • Ensure they fit into the value system and culture of the job they’re being placed 

Components of a happy culture

  • First define what the culture is and be committed to sticking to those values
  • Making the business around generating revenue or the bottom line won’t keep people at the organization because they have no value connection
  • From Jacqueline’s own experience she learned what her personal vision and mission are
  • Everyone in her organization is and must be aligned with the set values
  • Important metrics like revenue will come and stay as long as the culture is taken care of

Be sure to listen to the entire podcast to gain all insights about fostering happiness in you and your team. Podcast originally recorded March 7th and posted Here