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Cary Broussard

Marketing, PR, Communications, Diversity and Inclusion


Cary is one of the top, global advocates for women in diversity and business and is well-known for her work in creating corporate women’s programs. Cary has motivated thousands to believe in themselves and the power of transformation to get ahead in today’s competitive workplace. Her book From Cinderella to CEO is published in 10 languages, and her podcast Cinderella CEO On Air can be found on iTunes and Spotify.

Dow Jones described Cary’s work at Wyndham Worldwide as head of the company’s Women On Their Way program as “the gold standard of women’s marketing for Wall Street companies.” Currently, Cary and her team design and teach courses with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion, and corporate social responsibility, which can be found on the website As an adjunct professor at New York University, Cary designed a gender-inclusive leadership curriculum for her students.

Cary and her team launched the Cinderella to CEO Awards Show in New York City, honoring 220 accomplished nominees from around the country. The awards recognize today’s modern transformational Cinderella to CEO stories and aptitudes.

Cary served as President and Treasurer of the Press Club of Dallas from 2016-2019. Highlights of her expertise in Public Relations and Communication include leadership roles in hospitality (Vice President of PR at Wyndham International and Wyndham Hotel Group), government (Deputy Press Secretary, U.S. Senate Majority Leader’s office) and non-profit (American Cancer Society and Meeting Professionals International).

Expertise in solving these types of problems:

  • Design, and develop effective marketing programs
  • Develop effective internal/external communications programs 
  • Develop and assist in leading  company-wide Diversity and Inclusion programs