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Adam Mogelonsky

Technology and Wellness Programs


In 2016, Adam joined Hotel Mogel with his father in managing the consultancy’s operations, including financial analysis for hotels, team training, and software or hardware deployment. As the chief technologist of the company, Adam has a broad understanding of the complexities of the hotel tech stack as well as the vendors who are paving the way for increased labor efficiencies and new revenue growth opportunities. With an eye for what’s possible in the future, Adam is at heart a pragmatist, evaluating solutions on their ability to address immediate needs while also providing a roadmap for continuous improvement.

Outside of his strategic planning role for hotel brands and owners, Adam represents one-half of the company’s thought leadership arm, frequently writing articles under the dual byline (Larry and Adam Mogelonsky) for numerous hotel trade publications on a variety of topics.

Expertise in solving these types of problems:

  • Provide technology audits w solutions that streamline hotel operations and improve efficiency, profit, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.
  • Provide process audits that ensure teams work cohesively and effectively
  • Deploy brand-specific leisure and corporate wellness programming to maximize revenue per guest.
  • Deliver relevant employee wellness programs that improve worker productivity and retention.