Objective Passion: Is Hiring a Consultant Right for Your Business

The Scenario
John is the owner of a prestigious hotel. Seven years after opening and the numbers have tanked. John has tried it all and just can’t win. We’ve been there, John. We feel you. You know that an aspect of your business “isn’t quite right” – something has gone wrong, and you aren’t quite sure where, or you are sure where, but you’ve run out of creative solutions to solve it because nothing is working. Sometimes the more you try to define the problem, the less tangible it seems to become. You see that the problem touches many inter-related aspects of your business, which makes understanding the real genesis of the problem difficult. The more layers you strip away, the deeper the issue becomes. And somehow you wind up back where you started. You’re a hamster spinning the proverbial wheel.

The Solution
So what do you do? Getting to the heart of the matter may best be achieved by hiring a consultant. The best consultants are passionate and objective at the same time. Think of that—a fresh set of eyes with no bias, but a whole lot of experience and a passion to achieve great results. Objectivity and passion – the killer combo.

A consultant will begin by listening and observing and questioning….and questioning…and questioning…and questioning some more. They want to learn as much as they possibly can, as quickly as possible, so they can get the full picture of your business, how it operates, and where the opportunities lie. Removed from the situation as an expert outsider, while at the same time becoming keenly vested in it. That is how your consultant will transform your broad “something isn’t quite right here” feeling to a bona fide, achievable opportunity for growth and success.

How do they do it? Two words…Objective Passion. But what does that mean?

  1. A Fresh Set Of Eyes. Often, a fresh set of eyes (or several fresh sets) has the best perspective. (There are many apt clichés around this notion, think: not seeing the forest for the trees.) A consultant has a great benefit of being an “outsider” when necessary. Objective. No relationship issues to navigate or company politics to dodge. Hired for a purpose, the consultant immediately gets the “honeymoon” period that has long since expired for the rest of the team. Influencing change while eliminating distractions is the mark of a great consultant. And the very best allow the organization to thrive long after the consultancy is over. Another cliché comes to mind: teach a man to fish. Etc. Etc.
  2. Vast Experience. Consultants are hired because they are the very best in the industry. They’ve been on the firing lines. Their track records speak for themselves and their knowledge of the field is diverse. Passion with a capital P. They have worked with multiple brands, in various markets, and have tackled seemingly insurmountable tasks. And they’ve won. And people like and respect them. And they like and respect their industry and the people they support.
  3. Guaranteed Wins. Consultants don’t give up and can’t fail. That’s their job and they are passionate about it. And consider this: while the cost may seem steep at first, you are hiring a talent so specialized that it’s highly likely that three in-house employees could not get the job done with the same level of accuracy and efficiency. Also, remember that consultant fees are typically tied to outcome goals. One more adage: Be the job, big or small…do it right, or not at all.

In the end, it’s about honesty. Consultants are straight shooters who, when combined with their expertise, can make identifying the opportunity and coming up with the most creative and best solution to help you reach your goals, and maintain them, a reality. Whether you’re an owner like John, or GM, DOSM, or DOO, everyone at some point needs a little help getting the big wins. You aren’t alone – don’t worry, we’ve got you, John.

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