Going Full Service with Total Customized Revenue Management

SSP is going full service with a partnership with Total Customized Revenue Management, LLC (TCRM), a leader in total revenue management for the hospitality industry, has entered into a strategic alliance with respected hotel solutions provider and operations consultancy Strategic Solution Partners (SSP). Through this new relationship, TCRM will expand the revenue management services offered by SSP, working to optimize all revenue streams and increase profits for SSP’s clients. TCRM clients will gain access to SSP’s expert taskforce solutions, as well as their sales and operations consulting services.

TCRM’s team includes a combined 75 years of hospitality experience and with an innovative approach to its work, the company has become a premier provider of revenue management services to the hospitality industry. TCRM develops innovative approaches to drive ROI for clients, using analytical skills and a tech-savvy approach to identify and solve challenges. The company’s offerings range from task force and ongoing revenue management to system and brand conversion, strategic evaluations, training and data entry. This announcement comes on the heels of a record-breaking year for TCRM and is expected to further expand TCRM’s reach, while providing critical support to SSP and its clients.

“I am incredibly excited about our new partnership with SSP and the wealth of opportunities for collaboration that this brings to the table,” said Lily Mockerman, president and CEO of TCRM. “The combined industry-leading resources of TCRM and SSP will create a one-stop shop for hospitality companies in search of highly-qualified and dependable service providers, with the capability to meet their every need.”

Founded in 2007, Strategic Solution Partners has partnered with clients on a wide variety of projects both domestically and internationally. SSP’s elite team of professionals provides expert services ranging from strategic planning consultation, to revenue enhancement support, to the sourcing of great people bringing innovative solutions to whatever complexity of opportunity has presented itself. The addition of TCRM further solidifies SSP’s ability to deliver customized solutions tailored to revenue optimization across the Operations spectrum, ensuring alignment of the Operational execution, the Sales and Marketing expenditures, and Revenue growth through optimal yield and mix management.

“The integration of TCRM into our team of industry-leading partners exemplifies our commitment to quality, service and, overall, maximizing our clients’ results,” said Bill Scanlon, president and founder of SSP. “Having engaged TCRM on multiple projects already, we have been extremely pleased with their alignment with our values, processes and execution standards. They are a natural fit for us, and we welcome TCRM to the SSP family.”