Fernando Salazar on Soria Gastronómica – The International Mushroom Congress

“… perhaps what’s more powerful than the actual mushrooms themselves, is the knowledge and passion gained from cooking and savoring them”, beams Fernando Salazar- the current Co-Founder and Executive Vice President at E-SPAIN and Food and Beverage Consultant at Strategic Solution Partners.

What is Soria Gastronómica?

Salazar perfectly describes the unique energy of Soria Gastronómica, International Mycological Congress -Castilla y León, Spain – an international, multidisciplinary congress about the world of mycology and the use of mushrooms in gastronomy all over the world.


Who & Why is Soria Gastronómica?

The event brings together those in the gastronomy, mycology, science and mushroom production to share, learn, and enjoy the world of mushrooms (Soria Gastronómica).

Salazar, an internationally recognized gastronomy expert, represented the United States in this prestigious international congress. He spoke on the use of mushrooms in the USA and the exponential growth in interest for mushrooms as an alternative to animal protein


Where is Soria Gastronómica?

There were weekly segments launched throughout the month of October, showcasing an international congress of chefs from 7 different countries, scientists, gastronomy experts and producers from all over the world speaking on the topic of mushrooms.

See below for all country participants and their local mushroom:

Country Local Mushroom
Mexico The Blue Mushroom or Blue Saffron Milk Caps || Jihì landia or xi ́i kuilu (Lactarius indigo)
New Zealand Cultivated Saffron Milk Caps (Lactarius deliciosus)
Spain Saffron Milk Caps (Lactarius deliciosus)
Japan Kinoko (” children of the trees”)
Canada The Lobster Mushroom (Hypomyces lactifluorum)
China Cordyceps (Ascomycete Fungi) and Tea Tree Mushroom (Agrocybe Aegerita)
Portugal Ceps (Boletus Edulis)


Overview of Soria Gastronómica Agenda

The weekly sessions contained the following

Monday, October 5th – Mexico and New Zealand

  • Session 1. Jihì landia or xi ́i kuilu – The Blue Mushroom or Blue Saffron Milk Caps
  • Session 2. Cultivated Saffron Milk Caps and its use in cuisine in New Zealand
  • Session 3. The traditional cuisine of the Níscalos – Saffron Milk Caps

Monday, October 12th – Japan and Portugal

  • Session 4. Cultivation and use of the Kinoko (” children of the trees”) in Japanese cuisine
  • Session 5. Mushrooms – The Spring of the Autumn – Boletus Edulis

Monday, October 19th – China and Canada

  • Session 6. The use of mushrooms in Chinese cuisine: health and flavor – Cordyceps and Tea Tree Mushrooms
  • Session 7. The Lobster Mushroom (Hypomyces lactifluorum): development and mycological innovations in Québec, Canada

Monday, October 26th – Spain

Leaves Shaped from Mushrooms  – Created by Chef Oriol Castro of Disfrutar – A Two Star Michelin Restaurant in Barcelona
  • Session 8. R + D + I in the kitchen of the micromycetes in Mugaritz
  • Session 9. The reappearance of morels on the table
  • Session 10. The Truffles of the Desert
  • Session 11. Innovating with the mycological diversity of Pinar Grande (Soria)

Tuesday, October 27th – France, Spain and USA

  • Session 12. Mycological recipes without cooking: marinated and fermented
  • Session 13. The molecular cuisine of fungi

Each day was separately broadcasted and recorded. This year’s documented event has been selected to participate in the International film festival: Life-off Global Network. Click here to watch.


Next Event- Stay Tuned!

This coming November, stay abreast on all things bite-sized with the 4th World Tapas Competition to be broadcasted from Valladolid, Spain. Like Soria Gastronómica, the World Tapas Competition will be broadcasted online due to COVID19. 15 Chefs, representing various countries around the world, will be in competition.