Revenue Management

Strategic Solution Partners provides and array of revenue management consulting services where we will provide an objective analysis on your hotels and assist in developing a detailed strategy and tactics that will achieve your goals.

We are seasoned professionals with extensive experience, from boutique independent hotels, to lifestyle hotels to major brands and from limited service to full luxury service.

We will partner with you  to deliver performance improvement. We offer five distinct services that can be customized based on your needs. 



We will work with your Team to develop and implement total configuration of your Distribution platform. This includes revenue/rooms setup of the PMS, C-RES, GDS, and Channel Management solution. We will assist in evaluating Distribution channels and partnerships for pre and post opening. Collaborating with Sales, Marketing, and Operations, we will create an effective launch strategy that will set the basis for effective Revenue Management going forward. For independent Hotels, this will entail creation and implementation of the essential Revenue Management Tools (Rooms Revenue Budget/Forecast tool, and the Pricing Strategy Calendar). We will establish measurable goals crucial for a successful and optimized opening. We will also develop, maintain, and monitor the Critical Path Process, and evaluate your proposed competitive set(s) for STR, Hotelligence, and Rate Shopping Solution.


Our goal is to increase your overall revenue/profit and market share.  We will conduct STR and SWOT analysis, review Market Demand, Forecasting, and Optimal Market/Channel mix analysis. There will be a complete review of all RM processes, meetings, and systems.  We will factor in channel costs, margins and commissions. SSP will work with your Team to find that Optimal Mix, develop a business plan to execute against that market mix shift, focus on rational pricing, improved processes and Organizational alignment with the Sales/Marketing, and Operations Teams. We will create a comprehensive plan to get higher conversions via voice (call center or reservations department), website, and the GDS.

Quite often, it is not easy for the Hotel Revenue Team to articulate/discuss their pricing strategy. SSP will evaluate your current pricing across the major Distribution channels, develop a comprehensive pricing policy and structure for rate types/segments (Retail, FIT, Corporate, Groups, Consortia, and Contract). To improve conversion and performance we will recommend retail price positioning, room type display and position/ranking by segment and channel.


During transitions, operating without a Revenue Director can cost a Hotel significantly more than hiring someone in the short term to yield your Hotel. We will provide as seasoned professional, whether they are on site or operating remotely, who understand your Systems, your Goals and your support requirements. Our team is not there to fill a seat; we are there to become an immediate part of your team, to stop that revenue leakage while you search for a replacement, to align with your philosophies and to suggest performance improvements where possible. If appropriate SSP can also assist in your selection process should you need a discipline perspective during that search process. 

We will evaluate your content/graphics across the Global Distribution Systems, Central Reservations Systems, Online Travel Agencies', and Website to ensure relevance, accuracy, and alignment with your Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Team/Vendors. We will evaluate Global Distribution Systems and other marketing campaigns for ROI, leverage, and presence, We will assist with budget and deployment of Global Distribution Systems Marketing Campaigns. We will also evaluate your Hotel/Company needs, functionality of current systems, and if required, provide recommendations for changes or enhancements. We can also work on the contract negotiations with the appropriate vendors on your behalf.


How effective is your mobile website? Do you need an app? We know that more revenue activity is taking place on mobile than ever before and this will continue to grow significantly in the next 2 years. SSP has partnerships that will provide expert advice for having a robust mobile platform and presence to deal with industry/customer demands. We will review social media integration of your mobile strategy; how to increase customer engagement, increase conversion, and create new revenue streams.


Is your Marketing aligned and leveraged to its fullest effect? Too often you find that the website does not match your collateral, your mobile applications or even your vanity site. Our Audit incorporates the evaluation of content and imagery; functionality of the website, and the booking engine. We will evaluate your social media presence, and provide data on your online reputation, and comparison to your competitors. We will work with the Sales and Operations Teams for ranking/score improvements on travel sites such as TripAdvisor and the OTA’s. We will also evaluate results from all reports and tracking for Digital Marketing Campaigns