Case Studies

Marriott International Sales

CHALLENGE:  The complete transformation of  the Marriott International Sales Organizational structure

• The support, design,  and implementation of  an industry leading Sales approach
• The consolidation of like products and like Customers
• The centralization of resources
• The design and implementation of commission based Sales positions
• The utilization of data based business decision-making processes and execution
• The integration of these new Sales processes within the Global Sales structure.

RESULTS:  As a key contributor to those processes we were able to demonstrate the  dynamic ability of the is new organization as the Events of 9/11 unfolded. A rapid response by Field and National resources in a fast moving entrepreneurial environment was a necessity.  The orchestration of this strategy mitigated revenue loss and confusion while maximizing opportunity and Sales deployment.

THE FUTURE:  This model continues to evolve. Core design principles allow for appropriate adaptation of the Organization. Marriott International continues today as our partner with preferred vendor status and adhoc support